Novosibirsk Philharmonic Society Ц provided performing of RomanТs compositions.

Association New Music Odessa Ц invited Roman to take part in festivals of contemporary music organized by them.

International Association of Schools of Jazz Ц Roman is a member of IASJ and has participated in its Annual meetings in 2006 and 2008.

International Society of Improvising Music Ц Roman is a member of Advisory Board of this organisation.

Denmark Intuitive Music Conference Ц Roman became a member of DIMC in 2001.

London Musicians' Collective - Roman Stolyar spontaneously participated in "Mopomoso concert" organized by LMC in London in August 2002.

European Cultural Foundation Ц sponsored RomanТs trip to Denmark for participation in DIMC and International conference "Music Without Borders" in Varna, Bulgaria.

Electroshock Records Ц Russian label dedicated to electronic and avant-guard music.

Collectives & Musicians

Sharomov Vocal Ensemble Ц Roman wrote "Missa Apokryph", three cantatas and many arrangements for them

Lot Lorien Ц Bulgarian folk group invited Roman for collaboration on Alive Water festival in 2000.

Susan Allen - incredible American harpist and improviser collaborated with Roman many times.

Day & Taxi Ц free jazz trio from Zurich

Blaise Siwula Ц brilliant saxophonist from New York City.

Ge-Suk Yeo Ц Korean singer and painter living in Hamburg.

Hans Schuettler and Heinz Erich Goedecke Ц Roman played together with them in 1993.

Artemiy Artemyev Ц composer and producer from Moscow, founder of Electroshock Records.

Aaron Aranita Ц Hawaiian jazz saxophonist who played together with Roman on jam sessions in Honolulu.

Michael Jefry Stevens Ц outstanding piano improviser and composer. Roman played remarkable jam session together with him during 16th annual conference of IASJ in Louisville, KY.

Seventh Heaven Ц celestial Siberian trio, three talented girls performing their own music which style is close to ECM sounds with traditional Russian folk and classic infuences

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